• “Loving the fact we can finally compete bitless at a Dressage show!”  
  • “I live in an isolated area of South Africa and as a result its hard for me to get to shows in the major cities. Equi-Show has opened up a whole new world for me & Dream.”
  • “Now I can do Classical Riding Club classes and concentrate on riding in lightness, guided by the greats.”


  • “I have dreamt about working with the famous and brilliant founders of Cowboy Dressage in the USA. Equi-Show has enabled my dream to come true. Thanks so much! 
  • “I am a novice and nervous rider & have always felt intimidated to go to our local shows until I felt ready. Equi-Show has allowed me to practice from home and get the confidence to compete & show my lovely first pony.” 


  • “My rescued horse hates trucking & freaks out at shows due to past experiences at his previous home. I am finding Equi-Show great for 2 reasons, 1. We are working on our partnership and trust with lots of groundwork mini online lessons, and 2. its been such a relief to know I dont have to wait to compete as I can do it from my own barn!”  


  • I wanted to see how my skills and training matched up to those in the US, the UK & Germany as well as other parts of Africa. Equi-Show proved that just because I come from a small town in a 3rd world country, my steed and I can still kick ass!  

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